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Mission: Vol. 21, No. 3



Mission: Vol. 21, No. 3. The articles in this issue include: "From the Editor," "Kojin No Tachiba" by Elmer Prout, and "Issues of Power and a Theology of the Family (Part III)" by S. Scott Bartchy. RESPONES TO "ISSUES OF POWER": "The Spirit's Intent in Scripture and in Culture" by Betty W. Talbert and "Double Binds in Male/Female Relationships" by Ron Willbern. "Forum," and "Those Vague Biblical Procedures (Part II) by Michael Hall. A WORD FOR OUR TIMES: "Broadcasting Religion" by Kathy Pulley, "When Traditions Collide: Romans 14-15" by Larry James, "What Believing People Should Be" by Ronald E> Higginbotham, and "The Need for Enemies" by C. Leonard Allen. "A Prayer for Vinyl Couches" by Larry Caillouet, "Elder Control and a Tragic Lawsuit" by Norman Parks, and "Eliezer of the Caves" by Jack Boyd.



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