Mission: Vol. 21, Nos. 5 and 6. The articles in this issue include: "A Manager and a Cross" from the Editor, "Joy Song" by Wilma C. Buckner, "Should We Mention the Cross at Christmas?" by Bill Love, "A Christmas Prayer" by Charles R. Boatman, "He Gave Himself" by Nita Short, "Together at the Foot of the Cross" by Larry James, "The Old Rugged Cross" by Paul Watson, "Touched by Love" by David Henderson, "God Wants Us to Be One" by Myron J. Taylor, and "The Spirit of Christ: The Hermenutical Advantage" by Leroy Garrett. A WORD FOR OUR TIMES: "Peace on Earth: Christmas, 1987" by David Sampson, "The Church: A Community of Love" by John Wright, "Showing Love in Ethiopia" by John Ashby, "Nothing Behind" by John Smith, and "Kaleidoscope" by Cal Downs. "That Face" by Stacy Obenhaus, "A Sole-Winner at Home" by George Ewing, "Liturgy and the Shape of Your Life" by Robert E. Seymour, "Eulogy for a Young Man" by Robert M. Randolph, "Baby Doe and Ginny" by Douglas Brown, and "Some day I'm Going to Fly" by Wilma C. Buckner. BOOKS: "He Came Preaching Peace (John H. Yoder)" reviewed by Craig Hergert, and "Making Sense Out of Suffering (Peter Kreeft)" reviewed by Bruce Edwards. "Letting Go, Celebrating and Continuing the Journey" by Bobbie Lee Holley.



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