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Mission: Vol. 9, No. 9



Mission: Vol. 9, No. 9. This issue includes the following articles: "A Disciple from Magadala" by N. L. Reinsch, Jr., "Of Love and Labels and the Thousand-Year Reign" by H. E. Schreiner, "Looking Out," "The Creedal Mind" by Stan Paregien, "Poems of Spring" by R. J. Weiland, "The Towel--A Meditation for The Friday" by RIck Hall, "Joy--A Meditation for The Sunday" by Lynn Mitchell, Jr., "The Texas Bible Chair Seminar: A Shot in the Dark" by Steven Spidell, "Why Didn't God Take Care of Them?" by Mary Beth McCown, "A Parable for Academics" by C. W. Willerton, "Forum," and "Cross Currents."



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