The Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice gives students an understanding of domestic and international politics, along with criminal justice theory and practice, that prepares them for informed, active participation in the political arena and in public service.

The ACU Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice offers majors in political science (B.A.) and criminal justice (B.S.) to equip students to pursue careers in public service. Our students go on to careers at all levels of government, law, business, journalism, non-profits, and high school and college teaching. Minors are available in Political Science, Criminal Justice, Public Service, and Peace and Justice. The Department also offers a certificate in International Relations and Comparative Politics and oversees the University’s Pre-Law Program and the Jack Pope Fellows Program.

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Submissions from 2020


The Problem of Good Intentions: Challenges Arising from State Mandated University-Wide Sexual Misconduct Reporting, Andrew Little and Chris Riley