The ACU Department of Psychology prepares students to serve the local community and the community of faith through careers in the scientific and applied profession of psychology. Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. The Psychology Department at ACU trains students in the fundamental principles of human development, learning, personality and physiological psychology. Students learn to assess these principles in light of Christian faith, and to apply them to the solving of problems in industrial, clinical, counseling and other settings.

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Submissions from 2020


Hurry up and decide: Empirical tests of the choice overload effect using cognitive process models, Ryan Jessup, Levi E. Ritchie, and John Homer

Submissions from 2017


Style Semiotics: The Influence of Levels of Professional Style of Dress on Perceived Competency, Brianna Esparza

Submissions from 2016


The Case for Small Data In Higher Education, Jennifer Shewmaker and Berlin Fang