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Restoration movement (Christianity)--History|y19th century.

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Campbell, Thomas; Alexander Campbell

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1. Emergence of the Stone-Campbell Movement

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Richhill, Armagh, UK, looking west-southwest down Main Street from the Square


Use photographs of locations in County Armagh and Down to develop geographical awareness in students of the Campbell family’s history.


When Alexander Campbell was in his seventeenth year, Thomas Campbell, while still pastor at Ahorey Presbyterian Church, moved his family off the farm near Hamilton's Bawn to Rich Hill, where they lived in a house on the Square opposite the residence of William Richardson, M.P. The house was large enough for the family and for a school, in which Alexander assisted his father. After Thomas emigrated to the U.S. in 1807, Alexander took over as schoolmaster. The Square is at the top of the prominent hill on which the town sits. The Richardson house, also called Richhill Castle, crowns the top of the hill.


Thomas Campbell, Rich Hill, Armagh, Alexander Campbell


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