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Restoration movement (Christianity)--History|y19th century.

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Campbell, Alexander

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1. Emergence of the Stone-Campbell Movement

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View along the southeast shore of Loch Indaal Bay of the village of Bowmore in the distance (right) with mountains of Jura on the horizon. Looking northeast from the shipwreck site near Gartbreck Point.


Use photographs of locations on the Campbell family’s route from Ireland to Glasgow to develop geographical awareness in students of the Campbell family’s history and empathy for the difficulty of their journey.


Alexander Campbell, his mother, and his siblings were shipwrecked October 7, 1808, near this Gartbreck Point on the island of Islay off the west coast of Scotland. This photograph looks to the northeast from the rocky shore of Loch Indaal. Visible in the distance are the white buildings of the village of Bowmore to the east and on the horizon the mountains of the island of Jura to the northeast.


Alexander Campbell, shipwreck, Isle of Islay, Gartbreck, Loch Indaal


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