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Churches of Christ--History., Restoration movement (Christianity), Restoration movement (Christianity)--Church membership.

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8. Churches of Christ: Consolidation and Complexity


Milliken Special Collections, Abilene Christian University

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Displayed is the printed personal envelope of J. D. Tant showing the handwritten address to Whitt along with an interesting resume of publications Tant authored. This letter offers a glimpse into the interrelationships among three very well-known evangelists among Churches of Christ in the early part of the twentieth century. For full scans of the letter, with Dr. Christopher Hutson's transcription, contextualization and annotations download the accompanying PDF.

Transcription, contextualization and annotation by Dr. Christopher R. Hutson. Original letter is housed in the Church Leader Vertical File, Center for Restoration Studies, Milliken Special Collections, ACU Library.


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ACU_TantJD_Whitt_1928_letter.transcription_full.pdf (1062 kB)
Transcription, contextualization and annotations by Christopher R. Hutson


Jefferson Davis Tant, J.D. Tant, James Thomas Whitt, J.T. Whitt, Price Billingsley, Price B., Preachers in the Churches of Christ, Church of Christ Preachers