Human resource professional's competencies for pluralistic workplaces

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The United States has concurrently experienced changing religious demographics, an increase in religious discrimination charges, and a growing interest by scholars in the role of spirituality and faith in the workplace. Yet there is little empirical research to inform management educators about the competencies HR professionals (HRPs) need to work in religiously and spiritually diverse organizations. HRPs are likely be at the frontline of organizations’ attempts to respond and adapt to these trends. In this exploratory study, a panel identified future scenarios relevant to HRPs working in religiously and spiritually diverse US workplaces as well as the competencies needed to address the scenarios. Three rounds of qualitative data from an expert panel and an iterative analysis process yielded: 1) likely scenarios and challenges HRPs will face related to spiritual and religious diversity and expression in the workplace; and 2) competencies needed by HRPs in response to these challenges. The results provide guidance to management educators on curricular choices. In addition, approaches to including these competencies in management education courses and programs are presented.

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