Stone-Campbell Resources

Stone-Campbell Resources

Rooted in British and American initiatives to restore apostolic Christianity, the Stone-Campbell Movement resulted from the independent efforts of nineteenth-century religious reformers Barton W. Stone and the father-son team of Thomas and Alexander Campbell. Earlier related movements include those led by James O'Kelly in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee and Elias Smith and Abner Jones in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. Walter Scott's preaching, evangelism and writing greatly buoyed the Campbell movement throughout the Ohio Valley. The union of some from the O'Kelly, Smith and Jones groups with the Stoneites, and its subsequent union with the Campbell group in the 1830s thrust the new body into a place of significance in early nineteenth-century America. By the end of the nineteenth century the Restoration Movement spread to other parts of the English-speaking world.

The Movement has developed into one of the most vital and diverse Christian traditions in the world, encompassing three major American communions -- Churches of Christ, Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) -- as well as united churches in several other countries.

The materials here are primary sources that reveal the history and advocacy of this movement across its many voices, in many places, from its inception until recent living memory. Included here are books, periodicals, tracts, pamphlets and broadsides; photographs, portraits and artwork; audio and film recordings of sermons, lectures and other events. Everything is fully viewable or downloadable.

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