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Eula Mae Baxter from Tuscola wearing a girls uniform. One of the photocopies has a letter typed on the back of it, "December 9, 1978, 202 S. Avenue J. Portales, NM 88130. Dear Lawrence, Sorry I'm late--always have excuses! Did have to find the picture. I'm glad to send it to you. After I'm gone, no one here will know anything about it. Go Keep it. She would have wanted it that way. The uniforms were navy blue. Sure they were a light-weight wool I think. They cost $15.00. Worn on Sunday, and to town. We didn't go downtown often. They were very pretty. Black shoes and stockings. Wish I could visit with you. We have lots to visit about! Maybe sometime I'll visit my neice down there, Dorothy Lee Calfee. It's hard for me to write. I shake like all old 84 year olds! Ha! Just keep the picture and love it. Anything I can help you with, write me. Wishing you the best, a sister in Christ, Lillie Mae Write."

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