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Photos are of (beginning on the top left side): 1. Cal Sigrest holding his hat. 2. Lucille Walls sitting on a lawn while reading a book. She is wearing a bonnet. 3. Lucille Walls sitting next to two young children and another young lady - each look as though they are avoiding looking at something bright. 4. Dad Nowles wearing a letter sweater leaning back against a wooden fence. 5. Dean Speck serving dinner out by Daisy Hall. He is wearing an apron. 6. ?? 7. Lucille Walls Nelson sitting next to another female with brick pillars behind and next to them. 8. J.C. Brown sitting on a wall, wearing a hat, while resting one foot on a step. 9. Cal Segrist holding the bottom of his coat with one foot on the ground and the other on the sidewalk. 10. Olympia Claman sitting on the ground reading a book. 11. Lucille Walls wearing a fur collared coat and wearing a hat.

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