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Purpose: The purpose of this paper was to discuss challenges to interdisciplinary evidence-based social work practice (EBP) within a context of xenotransplantation (XTx) using genetically modified animal organs, and the broader context of experimental medicine.

Method: This paper reviewed EBP terminology and discussed the meaning and function of evidence-based social work practice within an IDT in a XTx setting. Meta-analytic systematic reviews, and psychosocial surveys, were discussed to glean insights into ways in which IDTs can incorporate those research methodologies into EBP within an experimental medical (i.e., XTx) context. Several issues that arise while conducting psychosocial research in preparation for clinical trials were also discussed.

Conclusions: Social workers can assume leadership roles on IDT's within experimental medicine by using their group facilitation skills and training in EBP. An evidence-based pathway model for interdisciplinary care was proposed and briefly illustrated as a framework for collaboration among IDT members using EBP in XTx practice.

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