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Delivered in the auditorium of Abilene Christian College, Abilene, Texas, February 1920-21

F.L. Rowe, Publisher, Cincinnati, Ohio




The Supreme Authority in Religion, or How God now Speaks to Man - M. C. Kurfees 3

Faith and Opinion, or The Divine Creed versus Human Creeds - M. C. Kurfees 12

The Church Revealed in the New Testament - M. C. Kurfees 22

The Union Movement—Seeing Things,or what It is that Divides the People - M. C. Kurfees 30

The New Testament Law of Worship. - M. C. Kurfees 41

Missionary Work in New Testament Churches - M. C. Kurfees 50

Mutual Edification in the Church of Christ - W. G. Malcomson 58

Discipline of the Church - O. A. Colley 97

The Emphasis Where it Belongs. - Foy E. Wallace Sr. 109

Church Finance - L. S. White 116

God Hath Spoken - A. Leroy Elkins 161

Our Plea Stated - Jesse P. Sewell 177

The Commission after Twenty Centuries - J. M. McCaleb 189

The Family, State, and the Church - Liff Sanders 198

How to Live - R. C. Bell 208

The Promises, the Law and the Gospel - Early Arceneaux 21 7

The Throne of David, or Reign of Christ - J. B. Nelson 226.

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