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Delivered in the Auditorium of Abilene Christian College, February, 1940, Abilene, Texas.

Published April, 1940

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Austin, Texas.


Table of Contents

What the Kingdom of Heaven Is, by C. H. Roberson - 1

The Existence of the Kingdom of Heaven: Past, Present, and Future, by W. B. West, Jr. - 18

The Kingdom and the Church, by Reuel Lemmons - 37

The Keys of the Kingdom, by John H. Banister - 59

Christian Unity, by John Straiton - 75

The Savior’s Prayer for Unity or Personal Righteousness a Basis of Christian Unity, by Trine Starnes - 79

Christian Unity, by R. D. Smith - 89

Strife in the Church, by Wm. S. Willis - 95

What Paul Did for the Unity of the Church, by Weslie Mickey - 104

How To Become a Citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, by Forrest R. Waldrop - 110

The Privileges of Citizens of the Kingdom, by Thos. D. Rose - 135

The Ambassadors of the Kingdom, by T. B. Thompson - 153

Christian Unity: Divisions Among Those Who Believe or Claim To Believe Christ Divine, by H. L. Reynolds - 166

The Kingdom: Its Relationship To Other Kingdoms, by F. B. Shepherd - 175

The Bible a Feasible Basis for Unity, by G. H. P. Showalter - 189

Unity of Doctrine, by Edgar Furr - 215

Unity of Spirit, by T. B. Thompson - 220

Unity in Action, by John Straiton - 227

The King and His Throne, by A. C. Pullias - 237

An Efficient Eldership, by Otto Foster - 250

The Triumph of the King, by Paul Southern - 259

The Possibilities of Christianity in Australia, by Colin Smith - 273

Unity of the Church, by V. E. Howard - 287

The Selection and Appointment of Elders, by Paul C. Witt - 306

Has Their Plan Failed?, by Melvin J. Wise - 313

The Purpose of the Leaders of the Restoration Movement, by Raymond Kelcy - 328

How One May Cease To Be a Ruling Elder, by James F. Cox - 350

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