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Abilene Christian College Lectures - 1946


It has been our purpose at Abilene Christian College down through the years to provide in the Annual Bible Lectureship programs that which would be appropriate for the time and most useful to the students and to the Lectureship visitors. The general subject for the 1946 lectures is “Things That Cannot Be Shaken.” This subject was selected because one of the battles, if not the battle, which the church faces today is against those forces which would undermine the bases of gospel truth. Many denominational leaders, in one way or another, are denying even the fundamentals of fundamentals— God is, the Bible is God's Revelation, Jesus Christ is the Son of God and The Kingdom Cannot Be Shaken. Many others, some without knowing what they do, are accepting false teachings and ideologies which, if allowed to run their course, will destroy all true religion. It is believed that the 1946 lectures and this edition of the lectures will help toward establishing in the hearts of men the truth of the important theses discussed. It was the purpose of those who arranged the program that the Lectureship should, also, hold up Christianity as a working, practical religion; hence, the meetings on “Work in New Fields” and “The Church at Work.” The attendance of this Lectureship was the largest in the history of these yearly meetings. On Wednesday evening Brother Nichol spoke to a crowd of approximately 1700 persons. Other evening lectures were attended by crowds almost as large. Visitors came from more than a score of States and, also, from Canada and Mexico.

It is the hope of all of us at the College that the fellowship of the 1946 Lectureship and the instruction given by the various speakers will continue to do good for years without end.



Table of Contents

God is - Part 1, by W.B. West, Jr. - 1

God is - Part 2, by W.B. West, Jr. - 10

Steadfastness, by R.C. Bell - 22

This Changing World, by Paul Southern - 39

The Bible--God's Revelation - Part 1, by Fanning Yater Tant - 54

The Bible--God's Revelation - Part 2, by Fanning Yater Tant - 64

The Bible for All Peoples, by Charles H. Roberson - 73

Jesus Christ, The Son of God, by C.R. Nichol - 83

The Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken - Part 1, by E.W. McMillan - 95

The Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken - Part 2, by E.W. McMillan - 112

Work in New Fields, by Rueul Lemmons - 126

The Latin American Field, by Mark Kercheville - 135

The Congregation at Work, by Norvel Young - 145

Work of Elders, by J.H. Richards - 161

The Elders and Their Work, by Eldon A. Sanders - 173

The Preacher and His Work, by F.B. Shepherd - 180

The Christian in Business, by Orval Filbeck - 188

Beyond the Western Hemisphere, by Olan L. Hicks - 195

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