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The 1954 Abilene Christian College Lectureship was one of the best attended and most successful in the history of the school. Considerable interest was manifested in the timely theme, “Overcoming Dangerous Tendencies,” and in the two special topics, “Ways and Means of Doing Mission Work,” and “Caring For Widows and Orphans.” The reports from the mission fields were highly stimulating, and all in all, the speeches were unusually high caliber. The Panel Discussions were also on timely subjects and well presented. They received a warm response, as did also the thirty classes that were conducted each day. These classes were taught by persons expert in their particular fields, and covered a wide range of interests to the faithful, working Christian. We at Abilene Christian College predict for this book of Lectures a wide and hearty reception, and believe that its reading will issue in profit to the individual and to the church at large.

J. D. Thomas

Lectureship Director


Table of Contents

Ways and Means of Doing Mission Work, by John H. Banister - 1

Overcoming Denominational Tendencies, by H.A. Dixon - 31

Caring For Orphans and Widows, by George H. Stephenson - 43

Overcoming Professionalism in the Ministry, by Paul Southern - 64

Overcoming Modernism, by Jack P. Lewis - 82

Overcoming Problems in Worship, by Frank Pack - 114

The Church in Italy, by Cline R. Paden - 130

"Their Sound Went Out Into All the Earth," by Owen Aikin - 150

Evangelist, by Glenn L. Wallace - 164

The Union of South Africa, by John T. Hardin - 178

"Overcoming Eldership Problems," by Dr. John G. Young - 190

Germany, by Richard Walker - 209

Preaching the Word in Mexico, by Pedro R. Rivas

"American Missions," by Leslie Diestelkamp - 228

Overcoming the Tendency to Phariseeism, by J.P. Crenshaw - 241

Southwestern Christian College, by H.L. Barber

Overcoming Worldliness, by Ira North - 269

Released-Time Preaching, by Clifton Rogers - 283

The Work of the Bible Chair, by Stephen Eckstein, Jr. - 287

Sunday Teaching for Credit, by Hulen L. Jackson - 291

Attitude of the Public Schools, by Eldon Sanders - 294

The Scripturalness of Audio-Visual Aids, by Leonard Mullens - 301

Equipment for Bible Classes, by W.W. Freeman - 307

Audio-Visual Aids and the Learning Process, by Ben F. Holland - 311

The Progress of the Church in the Last Fifty Years, by S.A. Ribble - 314

The Church and the Future, by Athens Clay Pullias - 319

Weaknesses of the Present, by G.H.P. Show alter - 322

Strength of Today's Church, by Batsell Baxter - 328

Personal Work as a Means of Saving Souls, by O.B. Proctor - 331

The Value of Organized Personal Work, by Leroy Brownlow - 334

How to Organize a Personal Work Program, by J.D. Thomas - 337

Training Personal Workers, by Thomas Nelson Page - 341

Caring for Homeless Children, by M. Norvel Young - 347

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