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Being the Abilene Christian University Annual Bible Lectures 1979

Published by Abilene Christian University Book Store

ACU Station Abilene, Texas 79601


Table of Contents

Main Speeches

Home (Not) For Sale, by Jack Evans - 11

Families In Crisis, by Kenneth Dye - 24

Fatherpower, by Gary Beauchamp - 35

Bridging The Generation Gap, by Joe Schubert - 49

Ingredients InThe Christian Home, by Paul Faulkner - 62

Building Positive Parent-Child Relationships, by Carl Mitchell - 80

What Price Success?, by Prentice Meador - 92

Student Lectures

Preparation For Marriage, by Jack Evans - 108

LoveThat Lasts, by Gary Beauchamp - 112

A Funny Thing Happened To Sex OnThe WayToThe 20th Century, by Prentice Meador - 122

Exegesis of Difficult Passages

Ephesians 5:21-33, by Batsell Barrett Baxter - 132

Deuteronomy 24:1-4, by Jack Lewis - 144

Matthew 19:3-12, by Harold Hazelip - 162

Featured Classes

The Christian Mother, by Gwendolyn Webb - 172

The Christian Father Survives, by Ron Rose - 223

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