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The theme for the Lectures for 1934, “The New Testament Church in History,” is a very timely one and follows naturally the theme of the 1933 Lectures, “The Church We Read About in the New Testament.” There is no subject that is so vital in our work as Christians today as a proper understanding of the great spiritual kingdom of our Savior, the church which was built by Jesus Christ. It is a hard lesson to teach because all people are so dull of hearing concerning things spiritual. Just as Nicodemus marveled when the Christ told him of the spiritual kingdom so do people today wonder and marvel when they are told that there is only one great church, the spiritual kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and that all the saved of earth belong to that church and that belonging to anything else profits little, and is unnecessary. Not only are numbers of denominational churches and people who have no religious affiliation ignorant of the true meaning of the church, but even those who claim to be members of the one body are lacking in understanding concerning the kingdom of Christ. It is therefore the purpose of the Abilene College Lectures last year, this year and next year to arouse a greater interest in the study and the teaching of this very vital matter. In this particular volume much valuable information is brought together on the trials and struggles of the church from its foundations to the present. The speakers have made careful preparation on their subjects and have given lessons that should prove helpful to all who desire to have a better understanding of the church. Our prayer is that these Lectures may be read by many and that they may do much good in the name of the Christ.

Jas. F. Cox,
President, Abilene Christian College.

Nov. 6, 1934.



Introduction 0

The New Testament Church in Apostolic Times - J. P. Crenshaw 5

The Church in The Ante-Nicene Period - Homer Hailey 17

The Church in Conflict With Pagan Philosophy - John T. Smith 32

The Church and a Clerical Hierarchy - John T. Smith 43

The Church During the Dark Ages - A. 0. Colley 54

The Protestant Reformation and the Church - E. W. McMillan 73

The Church and Protestantism - A. Hugh Clark 87

The Church and Denominationalism - A. Hugh Clark 104

The Church and Sectarianism - G. C. Brewer 119

The Modern Schism in the Church - G. C. Brewer 146

A Plea for Unity - G. C. Brewer 169

Ideals and Purposes of Abilene Christian College - James F. Cox 187

How Abilene Christian College Realizes Its Ideals - Dr. Walter H. Adams 195

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