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Delivered in the Auditorium of Abilene Christian College, February, 1939, Abilene, Texas

Published October, 1939

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Austin, Texas.


Table of Contents

Christian Stewardship: Divine Ownership, by Harvey Scott - 1

Stewardship of Our Bodies, by J. P. Gibson, M. D. - 13

Stewardship of Time, by Homer Hailey - 32

Christianity in a Changing World, by Guy N. Woods - 42

Evangelists as Stewards or The Stewardship of Souls, by Jesse P. Sewell - 72

The Relationship of God’s Natural and Spiritual Worlds, by Dean H. E. Speck - 91

The Soul of Man: The Bible View Versus the View of Modern Psychologists and Philosophers, by G. C. Brewer - 110

The Steward’s Accountability to God, by Yater Tant - 131

The Stewardship of Our Material Possessions, by P. D. Wilmeth - 145

What Is a Local Congregation, by K. C. Moser - 153

The Need of Organization, by Luther G. Roberts - 163

The Purpose of Organization of the Local Congregation, by Basil D. Shilling - 172

The Local Congregation: How Organized and the Extent of Organization, by Coleman Overby - 180

The Pastoral Work of a Local Church, by Roy H. Lanier - 192

Worship, by James Burton Coffman - 210

Evangelism in a Local Church, by C. E. McGaughey - 237

Benevolence in a Church, by Paul C. Witt - 251

Education in a Church, by Alonzo Williams - 265

The Relationship of the Local Congregation to Other Local Churches in Full Standing, by Ted Norton - 282

The Relationship of a Local Congregation to Those Congregations of Christians in Error, by Harvey Scott - 291

Dangers of Church Co-operation, by G. H. P. Showalter - 303

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