The national influence of Abilene Christian University’s annual Lectureship began more than 100 years ago. In 2009, this annual Lectureship program dawned the new name “Summit.” Summit provides a space for conversation about real world issues discussed from the perspective of faith. Summit gathers students, church leaders, faculty and Christianity for conversation.

The aim is that participation in this event will challenge you to see life as ministry and equip you to live as a minister in your everyday life. Together we participate with God in His mission for the world. We hope you leave Summit even more committed to following Jesus. Through this conversation, our prayer is that Christ will be seen more plainly in our neighborhoods, office break rooms, community service and churches.


Submissions from 2020

Christian & Muslim Kerygma for Building Peace in Lebanon, Martin Accad and Muhammad Abu Zayd

Immigration Myths, Elizabeth Alvarez-Bingham

Peace as a Form of Reconciliation: He Is Our Peace - Ephesians 2:11-22, Steve Austin and J. Omar Palafox

What Interfaith Peacemaking Means for the Church Today, Garry Bailey, Derran Reese, John Barton, and Martin Accad

Spiritual Roots in Restorative Justice, Justin Bronson Barringer and Chris Riley

Two Faiths, One Friendship: How Christian and Muslim Dialogue Makes Peace, John Barton, Michal Meulenberg, and Maria Khani

Church as a Place of Peacemaking: Creating a Fearless Culture, Jacob Bautista

Christ of the Breadlines: Peacemaking Between Rich and Poor, Richard Beck

Money, Money, Money: Rich and Poor Worlds in the New Testament, John Boyles

Healing Victims and Rehabilitating Offenders with Restorative Justice, Jim Buffington

Developing a Christian Ecological Ethic & Its Implications, Jim Carpenter

Active Responses to Conflict, Joey Cope, Brenda McAdoo, Fernando Nasmyth, and Lori Anne Shaw

Immigration Policy and Response, Dylan Corbett

A Path to Peace, Wes Crawford, Douglas A. Foster, Nate Reiser, and Kaley Ihfe

Siege, Alvin Curette, Kristina Campos-Davis, and Amy Boone

Church as a Peacemaking Group: Building Bridges of Peace and Reconciliation, Alejandro Ezquerra

T. B. Larimore's Way: I Will Never Refuse to Fellowship With Them, Douglas A. Foster

The Church of Unity: Historical Priorities for Our Movement Today, Douglas A. Foster

Hitler's American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law, Theodore Francis

The Church and Climate Change, Dodd Galbreath

No Justice, No Peace, Jessica Reese Goudeau

Passive Responses to Conflict, Joey Halbert, Lori Anne Shaw, and Kipi Fleming

Peace Celebrated: The Vision of the Psalms, Mark Hamilton

Peace Enacted: The Vision of the Cross, Mark Hamilton

Peace Expected: The Vision of Isaiah, Mark Hamilton

A Theocentric Theology of Creation Care, John Mark Hicks

Mediation Q&A, Mike Hill, Randall Kinnison, Christine Rankin, Kim Lufkin, and Paul Lufkin

The Emotional and Financial Cost of Litigation, Mike Hill and Christine Rankin

Becoming ONE Church in a Divided Land, Allen Hilton

Neither Jew Nor Gentile: Paul's Gospel of Ethnic Inclusion, Christopher Hutson

Learning from Silena Holman: Listening to Experience and Scripture, Kaley Ihfe

A Christian Theology of Wilderness, Kendra Jernigan

Nuts and Bolts for Navigating Church Leadership Conflict, Randall Kinnison

Wrong Way to Right Wrongs, Paul Lufkin and Kim Lufkin

Why Peacemaking and Interfaith Engagement Matters in Texas & Beyond, Dan McVey and Anas Daghmoumi

Minister Formation as a Peacemaker: Seeking Peace in the Form of Integration, Juan Manuel Meza

Old Dreams and New Visions, Ian Nickerson

Restorative Justice as a Second Chance to Change Lives, Holly Packer

Soldiers of God: White Supremacists and Their Holy War for America, Tryce Prince, Archandria Owens Dr., and Douglas A. Foster

Males and Females as One in Christ: Dream, Delusion, or Nightmare?, Kathy Pulley

The Culture of Conflict: Forces Shaping Our Divided Times, Carson Reed

I Pledge Allegiance to the ... Lord, Nate Reiser

The Peaceful Church, Wilmer Rivera

From the Bible Belt to the Sun Belt, Lawrence W. Rodgers

The Practice of Unity: How to Do Healthy Conflict in Churches, Lori Anne Shaw

Restorative Practices in the Education Arena, Jay Sheets and Malcolm Scott

Creation Care and Community, Kent Smith and Ian Shelburne

The Church of Transition: Staying Unified in the Midst of Change, Corey Trevathan

Holistic Approach to a Culture of Care: Restorative Justice in Education, Everett Vigil and Stephanie Hamm

Rethinking Migrants, Jenifer Wolf-Williams and Norma Pimentel

Submissions from 2019

ACU A Cappella Chorus and ACU Alumni Chorus, Abilene Christian University A Cappella Chorus and Abilene Christian University Alumni Chorus

My Life with the Psalms, Mike Cope

Sermon on the Mount, Randy Harris

Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot, Mo Isom

Wreck My Life: Journeying from Broken to Bold, Mo Isom

Make a Joyful Noise (Psalm 98), Steven Moore

From the Depths I Cry Out!, Beverly Ross

Hope for the Sorrowful, Shane Wood

Submissions from 2017

From Bondage to Appreciation - Deuteronomy 10:12-19, Thema Bryant-Davis

From Grace to Torah - Deuteronomy 5:1-21, Sean Palmer

From Death to Life, Jeanene P. Reese

From Love to Love - Deuteronomy 6:1-9, Josh Ross

From Memory to Hope, Landon Saunders

You Are What You Love, James K.A. Smith