Hitler's American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law

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During the era of rising fascism that preceded World War II, President Roosevelt's United States was heralded by many as a beacon of democracy and tolerance. Meanwhile, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime was infamous for their embrace of the ideology of white supremacy and violent antisemitism that resulted in the killing of over six million Jews. Yet in spite of their apparent differences, the two countries were joined by a problematic penchant for white supremacy. This session explores the underlying relationship between American racism and the Nazi regime. It seeks to determine the ways in which American racial oppression inspired Nazi Germany’s program of racial purity. Its focus extends from southern Jim Crow segregation in the U.S. to Nuremberg Laws of Germany. This session explores the transnational dimensions of white supremacy through the history of U.S. and German racism.

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This session is part of the A Christian Response to White Supremacy: Where Do We Go From Here; Chaos or Community? pathway.

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