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The Singing Hymnbook Compiled and edited by Leonard Burford.

This is a collection of five LPs, pressed in clear, ruby-red vinyl, and bound together in a crimson, padded album. The records are 33 1/3 rpm, yet are 9 7/8" -- the size of most 78 rpm records.

They were originally mastered by Jack Burford on open-reel tapes -- an emerging technology at the time.

Nine groups are recorded:

Abilene Christian College - A Cappella Chorus (Album 1, Sides 1 and 2)

Abilene Christian College - Men's Glee Club (Album 2, Side 1)

Hardin-Simmons University - A Cappella Choir (Album 2, Side 2)

Hardin-Simmons University - Men's Quartet (Album 3, Side 1)

Abilene Christian College - Men's Quartet (Album 3, Side 2)

Abilene High School - A Cappella Choir (Album 4, Side 1)

David Lipscomb - College Choristers (Album 4, Side 2)

Harding College - A Cappella Chorus (Album 5, Side 1)

Harding College - Men's Quartet (Album 5, Side 2)

Note: The Program listing has a typo. In the binder album 5, side 2 lists *Hardin* College, but it was the *Harding* College - Men's Quartet.

Annie L. Walker and Lowell Mason are the poet and composer of "Work for the Night Is Coming."


No date is given, however the collection can be roughly dated to 1953-1955. Five directors are listed, and their years at their respective schools are as follows: Leonard Burford - Abilene Christian College (1932-1950, and 1951-1958)

Euell Porter - Hardin-Simmons University (1948-1955)

Gene Kenney - Abilene High School

Henry O. Arnold, Jr. - David Lipscomb (1950-1959)

Kenneth Davis - Harding College - A Cappella Chorus (1953-1988)

Kenneth Davis began at Harding College in 1953, and Euell Porter left Hardin-Simmons University in 1955. It is possible that these groups were recorded over a longer period of years, but it seems likely that they were made during or shortly after the academic years of 1953-1954 or 1954-1955, and the bound set was produced during those years or shortly thereafter.

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