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The Day Christ Died (Moody) ACC A Cappella Chorus (1964-1965) From the book written by Jim Bishop Narrated by Dale Ward Conducted by Vernon W. Moody This LP is severely damaged. Side 2 Love Thy Kingdom, Lord Sun Of My Soul Soft As The Voice Of An Angel Love Devine - Rick Wickman, Tenor Soloist (Bad popping begins near the end.) Safe in The Arms of Jesus - Carolyn Knight, Soprano Soloist (First part omitted.) Eternal Father Strong To Save - Vernon W. Moody, Bass Soloist @15:24 Come Ye Disconsolate - Rick Wickman, Tenor Soloist Digitized from a Vinyl 33 1/3 LP

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Creative Commons License
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The Day Christ Died Album Cover

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The Day That Christ Died Side 2