About This Journal

Focus and Scope

Dialogue & Nexus is an on-line peer-reviewed academic journal for undergraduates in the ACU Biology Department to publish scholarly articles exploring the interface and complementarity between science and Christianity. Submissions from authors outside the department but within the ACU community will also be considered. Submissions from outside the university will be considered infrequently.

Each submitted article undergoes a peer-review process intended to assure a high standard of work for each issue of the journal.

Publication Frequency

Dialogue & Nexus is published annually.

Publishing Institution

Biology Department, Abilene Christian University in conjunction with the ACU Library.


Dr Daniel Brannan , Department of Biology Abilene Christian University

Journal Contact

Mailing Address:

Dialogue & Nexus
Department of Biology
Abilene Christian University
ACU Box 27868
Abilene, TX 79699-7868

Principal Contact:
Dr. Daniel Brannan
Professor of Biology Abilene Christian University

Support Contact:
Emily Sparks