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Spring 5-2015

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Primary Advisor

Dr. Jeff Childers

Secondary Advisor

Dr. Greg Pruett

Committee Reader

Dr. Chris Flanders


This doctor of ministry thesis presents the findings of a project in which I led a group of immigrants from South Sudan through the process of generating and evaluating an oral draft of Luke 8:4-15 in Uduk. The aim of this project was to provide a substantive field test of an oral translation methodology conducted among immigrants living in the United States who speak a language that lacks a translation of the entire Bible. The project involved facilitating basic translation training and conducting an oral drafting process with a team of three Uduk speakers. This project also involved evaluating the draft from three angles: an exegetical analysis of the draft, a comprehension check with a group of three Uduk speakers who were not part of the translation team, and an interview with a Bible translation expert regarding the quality of the draft. The project occurred in a series of sessions that took place in September and October 2014.

Several key findings emerged from the study. The results affirmed the viability of the use of an oral translation methodology conducted among immigrants by succeeding in creating a natural, clear, and accurate draft of Luke 8:4-15 in Uduk. The project also upheld that this translation process can be utilized effectively in full-scale translation projects. More specifically, this project has established the opportunity to conduct future translation work for portions of the OT that have not yet been translated into Uduk. While this project entailed a condensed simulation of what would transpire in an actual translation project, the overall findings of the project offer a positive evaluation of both the oral draft and the methodology used to produce it.

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Audio from Interview conducted for Thesis Project



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