Date of Award

Winter 12-9-2016

Document Type


Primary Advisor

Chris Flanders

Secondary Advisor

Kelli Gibson

Committee Reader

Jon Camp


This DMin project addressed the problem of the absence of a viable training model to equip graduates of EQEB (Escuela Quiteña de Estudios Biblicos) for self-sustaining ministry. Based upon a theology of vocation, the project implemented and evaluated the inclusion of a technical-skills component to EQEB’s current seminary training. The project followed the integration of sixteen EQEB students in the vocational program implemented during the 2015-2016 school year. Qualitative research data gathered from five group interviews with these students, my own field notes, and a faculty interview provided the substance upon which I based the project´s findings. Over a seven-month period EQEB successfully implemented and learned how to better carry out this vocational program into the following school year. To date, EQEB continues to employ this training as its particular way to help students answer their unique calling within ministry in Latin America.



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