Date of Award

Spring 5-2014

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Primary Advisor

Dr. Carson Reed

Secondary Advisor

Dr. Christopher Hutson

Committee Reader

Dr. Brady Bryce


This doctor of ministry thesis presents the results of a project to lead a team in the development of an intentional mentoring model for disciple formation at the Mayfair Church of Christ. This intervention involved the team members in a series of sessions during September and October 2013. Project sessions were designed to provide participants an intentional mentoring experience through exposure to four core practices: exploration of the biblical text, appreciative inquiry exercises, communal sharing, and prayer. Sessions were informed by (1) an understanding of discipleship as following behind Jesus and walking alongside our fellow sojourners, (2) the nature of discipleship in the Epictetus school, and (3) the witness of the Pastoral Epistles concerning the Paul-Timothy mentor-protégé relationship.

Several important insights emerged from the project evaluation. The project confirmed the viability of spiritual autobiography as a tool for disciple formation. Protégés are significantly impacted as mentors share the fullness of their sacred stories. In addition, the project identified key polarities within which the mentor- protégé relationship must operate: mythic and parabolic narration, encouragement and hard sayings, and intentional and organic interaction. The project also affirmed covenant as an essential feature of a formative mentoring relationship. Covenantal trust provides the foundation for a dynamic mentor-protégé relationship. Finally, the project identified a high level of commitment from both mentor and protégé as essential to the success of an intentional mentoring model.

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