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Dr. Kenneth L. Cukrowski


The purpose of the project was to give opportunities for a community group in the college ministry at University Church of Christ to experiment practicing the ways of Jesus. This purpose was accomplished by forming a Jesus dojo based on Mark Scandrette’s model as outlined in his book Practicing the Way of Jesus. The Jesus dojo met for eight sessions. During sessions we reflected upon different teachings of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. Students then were given the opportunity of experimenting with the ways of Jesus together based on the theme of the teaching that week from the Sermon on the Mount. Students then reflected with the group upon their shared experiments through discussion of the lectio divina and discussion of their journals. Data from the project was collected in the form of field notes from the video recordings of each session, student journals, and an independent expert’s analysis. From the data I observed that the Jesus dojo affected their lives in positive ways. The ministry intervention was significant by engaging college students to know experientially rather than only cognitively that living as Jesus commands leads to faithful life as a disciple of Christ. The goal of this ministry intervention was that participants would indeed find that the ways of Jesus truly lead to an abundant life. It seems that in many instances this goal was achieved.

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