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Dr. James W. Thompson

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Dr. Carson E. Reed

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Dr. Wes Crawford


This project was designed to meet a need to equip God’s people at the Campbell Street Church of Christ for the work of serving and building up the body of Christ. The intervention involved the formation of a team of people to design a strategic plan to address this need. The design team met for a series of one-hour sessions in the spring of 2020. Each session brought together different sources of theological reflection, such as lectio divina, prayer, theology of equipping from Ephesians 4, and theology of the body of Christ from 1 Corinthians 12. In addition, design team members were introduced to and asked to reflect on Murray Bowen’s Family Systems Theory as it relates to congregations, their own contextual engagement with the congregation, and their experience of leadership.

The intervention produced a seven-point plan for equipping God’s people at Campbell Street. First, continue to develop and expand the ministry and mission teams and better equip the leaders of those teams to equip the team members. Second, continue to incorporate “next step” language into the church culture. Third, reevaluate the purpose and potential of small groups. Fourth, develop and launch discipleship groups. Fifth, develop a set of core values that will serve as a filter by which the leadership team will evaluate everything they do. Sixth, strategically schedule times to preach and teach on the theological constructs of this project and the implications and applications of the plan itself. Seventh, reconvene the design team every six months to evaluate the strategic plan and make adjustments as necessary.

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