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Dr. Lisa A. Powell

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Dr. Kenneth L. Cukrowski

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Dr. Kelli Bryant Gibson



This project intervention explores resolution of systemic issues of church-based sexual harassment, abuse, and violence, referred to as #MeToo, through design of a training program for elders. As theological foundation for the project, the Gospel of Luke frames positive approaches modern church leaders can align with in the quest for solutions to #MeToo. The Good Samaritan parable and the story of Mary and Martha extract valuable lessons for church elders addressing sexual harassment, abuse, and violence experiences of adult women. In Luke, we find fresh understanding for questions of #MeToo through the highly relevant concept of “neighbor.” Luke will serve as a framework for how Jesus and his near contemporaries would interpret and address #MeToo. Aligning with theological themes of freedom and healing, the theory pursued in this project also utilizes best practices including family systems theory and trauma-informed care.

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