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Carson Reed

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Kelli Gibson

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Chris Flanders


A small group of research participants and I assembled for this phenomenally enriching project intervention to create a proprietary branded guidebook for Miracle Loaves And Fishes World Hunger Ministry, Incorporated, and its subsidiary, Anointed Royal Tours, to be used for pilgrimages to the Holy Land. These pilgrimages will create sustainable funding for the ministry to support universal efforts to eliminate global hunger while simultaneously attempting to equip believers with a transformative and/or restorative walk in Christlikeness for the sake of creation, humanity, and eternal life in God’s Kingdom. The path of Christlikeness is to be transformed (Rom 12:2 NRSV), as evidenced by the inward and outward characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22– 23 NRSV) and by use of our spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12 NRSV) through a lifelong journey of spiritual formation. Spiritual formation journeys are deepened by cultivating spiritual discipline faith practices, guided by the power of the Holy Spirit, which connect us to God’s loving omnipotent presence, through the salvific power of Christ, anywhere we are in God’s creation—at home or away.

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