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Dr. Fredrick Aquino

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Dr. David Wray


This project addressed an acknowledged need for ministry action to promote and facilitate communal spiritual formation in the present and future life of the Quail Springs Church of Christ. The focus of the project was to present a model of contemplative spirituality determined to be accessible to the ministry context at Quail Springs. In addressing the problem of community fragmentation at Quail Springs, this model was offered as a means of grace to deepen faith and strengthen relationships in church life at Quail Springs. A pilot group of six women and six men served as the working group for this project. The process and procedure of an eight-session ministry intervention taught that Christian spirituality is a “lived experience” and that the goal of Christian spirituality is to live and participate in the life and activity of God.

The results of this study indicate that the pilot group eagerly embraced this model and found it accessible to the ministry context at Quail Springs. The experience of group members proved that the model functioned as a means of grace to facilitate individual as well as communal spiritual formation. The thesis concludes with implications and suggestions related to how this model can have a continuing impact on fostering spiritual formation in the future life of the Quail Springs Church of Christ.

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