Elsie Beatrice Green was born to William Hosea Green and Emma Olive Bryant Green on April 28, 1911, in Abilene, Texas. Her father was in charge of the Weather Bureau in Abilene (1909-1945). She attended Abilene Public Schools and graduated from Abilene Christian College with a B.S. in 1932. Elsie taught in schools in Texas, New Mexico, and Alaska after graduating from Abilene Christian College. She married Eugene Dement on May 24, 1951. They lived in New Mexico until they both died on September 14, 1959 following a car accident.

This collection contains a scrapbook (split into two binders) from Elsie’s time as a student at Abilene High School and Abilene Christian College.


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Finding aid for Elsie Green Dement Papers, (1928-1934), Elsie Beatrice Green Dement

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Selections from Elsie Green Dement's scrapbook, Elsie Beatrice Green Dement