Ethel Lorraine Webb Small was born March 9, 1910 to George W. Webb and Dollie M. Dicker Webb on a farm in Mitchell County, Texas, near the town of Colorado City. She met and married Louis Small on December 14, 1927. They were farmers who lived in Mitchell County until their deaths.

Ethel was a third generation member of Churches of Christ and was very faithful all of her life. Her motto was 'If you can't say something good about a person, don't say anything at all.' Most of her life she attended a small church in the Buford community. It was known as the 'White Church of Christ.' In the 1950's they moved that building to the outskirts of Colorado City and eventually replaced it with a new building. The church was then known as the Northside Church of Christ, until the 5th and Elm Church of Christ and the Northside Church merged and built a new building at 22nd and Austin Street in Colorado City.

Ethel's formal education was through the 11th grade in Colorado City Public Schools. However, she was well read especially in the Bible which she read faithfully every day. She began to teach classes early in her life and began to teach Ladies Bible Class every Tuesday sometime in the 1950's. She taught that class almost 30 years. She would write out each lesson in long hand, word for word in great detail.

She was the wife of an elder. Louis served in that position during the 1960s-1970s. She was faithful to the Lord, to her church and to her family.

Ethel died August 24, 1993. Louis Small was born September 11, 1904 and died April 14, 2004. Both are buried in Colorado City City Cemetery. Biographical sketch provided by Charles Small.

The Small papers contain twenty spiral notebooks, eight envelopes, and loose papers, used by Mrs. Small in the study and preparation for Bible classes.


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Finding aid for Ethel Lorraine Webb Small Papers, (1960-1980), Abilene Christian University Special Collections and Archives

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