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Everett Ferguson Papers, 1953-2014


Everett Ferguson

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This collection includes VHS tapes of Dr. Ferguson's Bible History 651. Each VHS label indicates the session number and the time elapsed in each class. Collection also contains personal letters from Don Morris to Nancy Ferguson, Everett's grandaughter. Also included is on copy of The Church of Christ: A Biblical Ecclesiology. The collection is housed in 1 box. Oct. 2, 2015: Another box was added to the collection containing bulletins from the Association Internationale D'Etudes Patristiques spanning from 1971-2014, Classic World - A Decade of Patristic Scholarship 1970-9, a Panaorama of Church History, Image clippings of various ancient art & other things, Charts of Church history (Foundations of the Church 6 BC - 325 AD, Two Christian Epochs 325-1308, Decline & Reformation 1308 - 1603, and Diversity in a Secular World 1607 - 1962), title leaf copies (5639 Hebrew Calendar, a Hebrew text, Acts & Monuments 1631, Book of Common Prayer 1688, and a Text from 1 Samuel), and a Synopsis Scriptorum Ecclesiae Antquae AD 60-460 July 14, 2016: I condensed University Manuscripts #88 and #129 into CRS MS #78. - Brady Cox March 2, 2018: Another box was added to the collection containing 13 items which include correspondences, exegetical papers, book reviews, epistolographic articles, as well as archeological essays. Also included is a book promoting a form of one-ness Pentecostalism annotated by Ferguson. -Chance Juliano

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Dr. Everett Ferguson is Professor of Church History Emeritus at Abilene Christian University. He received both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from ACU. He also received a Bachelor's in Sacred Theology and a Ph.D. from Harvard. He is the author of several books of church history and has served as editor of the Journal of Early Christian Studies.

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Everett Ferguson


This collection remains in the order in which I discovered it in University Manuscripts, where it was labeled as two different MS numbers, and the original box in CRS. I have condensed the separate collections into one.

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Boxes #1-14 The Ferguson photos include 9600+ 35mm color slides taken by Dr. Ferguson while on trips to study the antiquities of Europe, Israel, Turkey, Greece and Egypt. The slides are primarily photographs of museum artifacts and include coins, sculptures, and portrait busts depicting the art and objects of ancient civilizations and early Christianity. Also included are slides of buildings related to the history of these early civilizations and the beginnings and development of Christianity. Images include those of early Christian churches, basilicas and cathedrals as well as images of modern and ancient cities and archaeological sites in Israel, Turkey, Greece, ancient Rome, and throughout Europe. The objects photographed are from exhibits at the British Museum, the Ashmolean, the Louvre and other prominent museums of Europe and the Mediterranean countries. These slides document Dr. Ferguson’s travels. He used them as visual aids to his lectures on ancient world history and religion and the development and art and symbolism of early Christianity through the Middle Ages. View online: http://digitalcommons.acu.edu/ferguson_photos/ See attached finding aid for detailed descriptions Box #15 Bible History 651 (32 VHS Tapes) The Church of Christ: A Biblical Ecclesiology - Packaged Edited manuscript of Early Christians Speak Box #16 Association Internationale d'Etudes Patristiques (International Association of Patristic Studies) Bulletin d’information et de liaison (1971-2014) Proposal for revision of the statues of AIEP, 2003 Panorama of Church History - Munch & Montjuvin A folder containing various photos of Greco-Roman art and buildings Extract from The Journal of Theological Studies, 1979 Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt, 1980 The Classic World, Special Survey Issue, 1983 Boxes #17-18 (2 Tubes located in oversized storage) Charts of Church history Foundations of the Church | 6 BC - 325 AD Two Christian Epochs | 325- 1308 Decline & Reformation | 1308 - 1603 Diversity in a Secular World | 1607 - 1962 Hebrew Bible, 5639 Hebrew Calendar Midrash on a section of the book of Daniel (in Hebrew) Acts & Monuments, 1631 Book of Common Prayer, 1688 Text from 1 Samuel (in Old English) Synopsis Scriptorum Ecclesiae Antiquae, A.D. 60-460 (Oversized) Box #19 "Ancient Champions of Oneness" with a correspondence with James T. Kieferdor, 22 December 1979 Matthew 16:13-20: An Exegesis, Jon N. Bailey, undated A Critical Review of Wayne A. Meeks, the First Urban Christians: The Social World of the Apostle Paul (1983), David L. Balch, 19 December 1983 The Social Contexts of Epistolary Types, Stanley Kent Stowers, undated Recent Discoveries in Britain, K.S. Painter, undated Paleo-Christian Art in Britain and Ireland to the Time of the Bede, K.S. Painter, undated The Water Newton Treasure: Discussion, K.S. Painter, undated The Hoxne Hoard: A Preliminary Report, Everett Ferguson, 1994 Correspondence concerning the Hoxne Treasure, Catherine Johns, 12 July 1994 The Water Newton Silver: Votive or Liturgical, K.S. Painter, 1999 Review of Paul Corby Finney's "The Invisible God: The Earliest Christians on Art", Michael P. McHugh, May 1995 La Voz Eterna Magazine with Correspondence to Everett Ferguson, 16 November 2004 Review of Thomas F. Matthews' "The Clash of Gods: A Reinterpretation of Early Christian Art" with Ferguson's personal notes, Everett Ferguson, undated



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18 boxes Boxes #17 and #18, and Synopsis Scriptorum Ecclesiae Antiquae, A.D. 60-460 are in Oversized Storage.

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Center for Restoration Studies Manuscript #78

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Center for Restoration Studies

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Ferguson, Everett, 1933-


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