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This collection contains documents from the White's Ferry Road School of Preaching which includes syllabi, lesson plans, lecture manuscripts, sermons, polemics and apologetic materials. Materials included within this collection were used for classes at the school of preaching. Most documents within this collection are either loosely exegetical or homiletic materials concerning the biblical text. A smaller portion of the collection is devoted to practical theological matters concerning the Churches of Christ as well as apologetic and polemic materials. The most prolific contributors to this collection of texts include Ed Sanders, William H. Smith, Harold G. Taylor, and J.J. Turner. Other notable authors whose documents are included within this collection are J.D. Bales, L.V. Pfeifer, and Paul C. Witt.

Biographical Note

White’s Ferry Road School of Preaching was founded in 1964 in West Monroe, Louisiana as part of a wave of schools of preaching founded in the 1960s in response to the lacuna that was preaching vacancies. The school of Preaching was pietistic in its theological approach. The curriculum was heavily bibliocentric with, essentially, all of its documents explicitly or implicitly pertaining to the biblical text. White’s Ferry Road School of Preaching closed in 1992, however, the latest documents within this collection date to 1972.

Donor Note

Tim Bench


This collection remains in the order in which it was received. It appears that the composer of the collection arranged the subject matter by its relation to the Biblical canon along with supplemental Church material.

Content List


Box 1
1. History and Geography of the Bible, William H. Smith, undated
2. Bible Introduction, Leonard Gray, undated
3. Important Dates [Related to the Bible], undated
4. Genesis Outlined, undated
5. Genesis, Ed Sanders, 1968 February
6. Doctrine of God, J.J. Turner, undated
7. The God I know (The Attributes of God), Harold G. Taylor, undated
8. God or Baal (Creation or Evolution), Harold G. Taylor, undated
9. God is-No. 1 (Book of Nature), Harold G. Taylor, undated
10. “God Is” (Book of Revelation), Harold G. Taylor, undated
11. Modern Science and The Genesis Record, Harold G. Taylor, undated
12. The Genesis Flood, undated
13. Chronology of the Flood, undated
14. The Pentateuch, undated
15. Survey of the Patriarchal Age, undated
16. Introduction to the Law, J.J. Turner, undated
17. Levirate Marriage: Religious Teachings of the Old Testament, Ed Sanders, 1958 January
18. The Law: The Decalogue, undated
19. The Law: The Foundation-Moral Law, undated
20. The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart, undated
21. Introduction to Joshua, Judges, & Ruth, undated
22. Joshua, undated
23. Judges, undated
24. Ruth, undated
25. I & II Samuel, undated
26. I Kings, undated
27. First One Hundred Years of Division, undated
28. Second One Hundred Years of Division, undated
29. Third Period of Division- Till Assyrian Captivity, undated
30. Judah Alone: 722-586 B.C., undated
31. Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, undated
32. Kings of Israel, undated
33. Job, Dub Deloach, undated
34. Psalms, Homer Hailey, undated
35. Proverbs (Introductory Material), undated
36. The Prophecy of Isaiah, undated
37. Let the Bible Speak Series: The Book of Isaiah, Jim McGuiggan, 1972
38. The Golden Passional of the Old Testament: The Hall-Mark of the Servant (Savior), undated
39. Outline [Isaiah], undated
40. Jeremiah, God’s Great Prophet of Judgment Against Judah, Dayton Keesee, undated
41. Jeremiah, The Rebel Prophet, Ed Wharton, undated
42. “The Battle Jeremiah Faced” & “The Burning Fire”, undated
43. Hyksos Kings, undated
44. The Day of Jehovah, undated
45. Ezekiel, undated
46. Outline of Amos, undated
47. The Prophecy of Obadiah, undated
48. The Prophecy of Nahum, undated
49. The Prophecy of Habakkuk, undated
50. Minor Prophets-Zephaniah, undated
51. The Prophecy of Haggai, undated
52. The Prophecy of Zechariah, undated
53. The Prophecy of Malachi, undated
54. Zechariah: Outline of the Book, undated
55. A Study of Jesus Christ, undated
56. Christian Evidences, undated
57. The Scheme of Redemption, undated
58. Outline of Matthew, William H. Smith, undated
59. Jesus’ Use of Scripture, undated
60. Matthew: Outline of the Gospel, undated
61. Jesus as a Preacher in Mark’s Gospel, undated
62. John: A Gospel of Evidence, undated
63. The Crucifixion of Jesus, Truman Davis, undated
64. Outline of Book of Acts, undated
65. Historical Fulfillment of the Great Commission by the Early Church, undated
66. Dates to Remember [related to the New Testament], undated
67. Acts of the Apostles, undated
68. Paul’s Missionary Journeys and Letters Written to Churches Established on Each Journey, L.V. Pfeifer, undated
69. Paul’s Life and Work Among the Gentiles, Ed Sanders, undated
70. Romans, undated
71. Romans in Outline, undated
72. Romans, Richard Rogers, undated
73. Corinth the City, undated
74. First Corinthians, William H. Smith, undated
75. Second Corinthians, William H. smith, undated
76. Ephesians, undated
77. Philippians Outline, undated
78. The Epistle to the Philippians outline, undated
79. The Epistle to the Colossians, undated
80. Colossian, Bill Smith, undated
81. Paul’s Approach to the Colossians (Col. 1:1-5), undated
82. Study Guide for the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians, undated
83. Hebrews sermonized, J.D. Bales, undated
84. Hebrews: Christ on...David's Throne is Now Reigning, John T. Hinds, undated
85. An Introduction to the General Epistles, J.J. Turner, undated
86. General Epistle of James, undated
87. Outline of James, undated
88. General Epistle of First Peter, undated
89. General Epistle of Second Peter, undated
90. Outlines of Second Peter, undated
91. General Epistle of Jude, undated
92. Outline of Jude, undated
93. The Third Epistle of Peter, undated
94. Denominational Doctrine, J.J. Turner, undated
95. Adventists, undated
96. Baptists, undated
97. Denominational Doctrines--Calvinism--Holy Spirit, undated
98. Original Sin, undated
99. Some Errors of Christian Science, undated
100. Some of the Doctrines of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, the International Bible Students Association, Jehovah’s Witnesses, undated
101. Errors of Jehovah’s Witnesses, undated
102. What is Man? undated
103. Lutherans, undated
104. Methodists, undated
105. Manner of Translating the Book of Mormon, undated
106. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, undated
107. The Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, undated
108. How we know Mormonism is False, Ed Sanders, undated
109. Presbyterians, undated
110. Sabbatarian Errors, undated
111. Unitarians, undated
112. How Modernism-Liberalism Maintains Religious Divisions, undated
113. Christian Courier: The Virgin Birth, Wick Broomall, 1971
114. A Special Class: The Thousand Year Reign and Premillenialism, Bill Johnson, 1970 November 22
115. The World’s Greatest Scarcity, undated
116. Excerpted from the Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church Bulletin; Published at Camden (Cullendale), Arkansas, “Doctrinal Statement”, A.D. Livingston, 1955 February 13
117. Joseph Smith versus the Bible, undated
118. The Plain Truth about Herbert W. Armstrong’s Teachings, J.J. Turner, undated
119. World Religions, undated
120. The Church of Christ, Lynn Campbell, undated
121. “Withdraw Yourselves…,” undated
122. Catholic Translations (or Mis-Translations) of “Presbuteros” (Elder) and “Hiereus” (Priest), undated
123. Qualifications for Elders, undated
124. Qualifications for Deacons, undated
125. A Study of Scriptural Baptism, undated
126. Baptism for the Dead, undated
127. I Timothy, undated
128. 2 Timothy, undated
129. Outline of Titus, undated
130. White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ School of Preaching Greek 111 and 131, William E. “Dub” Deloach, undated
131. Prepositions [Greek], undated
132. The Law: Christians Relationship to O.T. Scriptures, undated
133. How Christians can Keep Clean Hearts, undated
134. Becor and Protokos “First-Born”, Carl Hugo McCord, 1965, March
135. “The Rise of the Papacy”, undated
136. Masonry versus Christ!, Richard O. Rogers, 1964
137. Hermeneutics, J.J. Turner, undated
138. Homiletics: The Study of Sermon Preparation and Delivery, J.J. Turner, undated
139. Homiletics (Delivery of the Sermon), J.J. Turner, undated
140. Standing Before and Audience-X, J.J. Turner, undated
141. Public Bible Reading, J.J. Turner, undated
142. The Limitation of Try out Sermons, J.J. Turner, undated
143. What to Expect of a Preacher, undated
144. Beatitudes for Preachers, undated
145. Wedding Ceremony, undated
146. “With them that Weep”, Paul C. Witt, 1950
147. How to Help your Preacher, J.J. Turner, undated
148. Preacher Shortage and Its Cure, James H. Young, undated
149. How to Improve your Preaching, J.J. Turner, undated
150. A Sermonette, undated
151. Preaching to a Changing World, J.J. Turner, undated
152. Seeking the Lost (A Workbook on Personal Evangelism), J.J. Turner, undated
153. Some Pre-Planning Thoughts (for Church Growth), J.J. Turner, undated
154. Planning Orderly Church Work, undated
155. Making Better Announcements, J.J. Turner, undated
156. Why Attend Business Meetings? J.J. Turner, undated
157. Christ, A Teacher come from God, undated
158. When Are Examples Binding, J.J. Turner, undated
159. A Study of Marriage and the Home, J.J. Turner, undated
160. Beauties and Duties of the Christian Wife, undated


Churches of Christ -- Clergy, training of Churches of Christ -- Doctrines Churches of Christ -- History -- 20th century Churches of Christ -- Sermons Clergy -- Training of Manuscripts Sermons



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Bales, J.D.; Pfeifer, L.V.; Sanders, Ed; Smith, William H.; Taylor, Harold G.; Turner, J.J.; Witt, Paul C.


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