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Gary Sorrells Papers


Gary Sorrells

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13 boxes and 3 portfolios containing various documents from the life of Gary Sorrells. Audio and or Video Formats, Photographs, Correspondence, Manuscripts, Books and or Printed Materials.

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Gary Sorrells. Currently serves as Director Emeritus and as a member of the Board of Trustees for Great Cities Missions.


Boxes 1-6 are binders. Boxes 7-13 are folders with labels that stayed in original folders and order. 3 portfolios.

Content List

Box 1 Great Cities - Development Board - Sept 16, 1995 CGC - Development Board - Feb and Sept 1994 God is Enough Celebration Fall 2016 Board Meeting Great Cities Missions and we have Seen and Testify Great Cities Missions So That Continent of Great Cities Fall 2000 Trustee Meeting - Nashville, Tennessee Agenda for the Spring Meeting of the Board of Trustees - April 1999 Continent of Great Cities Fall 2001 Trustee Meeting Continent of Great Cities’ Agenda for the Spring Meeting May 2000 Continent of Great Cities Spring 2002 Board of Trustee Meeting Continent of Great Cities Spring 2001 Trustee Meeting Continent of Great Cities Fall Meeting September 18-20, 2003 Box 2 Continent of Great Cities Fall 2002 Trustee Meeting Board of Trustees Sept. 12-13, 1997 Continent of Great Cities Spring 2003 Trustee Meeting Fall 2004 Trustee Meeting Trustee Meeting Spring and Fall 2005 Trustee Meeting Spring and Fall 2006 Fall 2008 Trustee Meeting Spring 2007 Trustee Meeting CGC - Board of Trustees - Spring and Fall meeting 1998 CGC - Agenda for Board Meeting Spring 1996 Spring 2010 Meeting of the Trustees It’s Still the Vision! Box 3 Great Cities Missions Fall 2013 Trustee Meeting Spring and Fall 2012 Trustee Meeting Spring 2011 Trustee Meeting Trust in God; Trust Also in Me Partnership in the Gospel Spring 2015 Trustee Meeting Spring 2014 Trustee Meeting Distribution Strategy Director’s Retreat 2005 Remembering Don Eugene Vinzant Director’s Fall Retreat and CGC Staff Retreat 2007 Spring 2009 Director’s Off-Site Great Cities’ Team Retreat July 2004 Vision Beyond Directors’ Winter Retreat 2006 The Continent of Great Cities Ministry Jan 2005-Dec 2009 Box 4 Medical Information in Green Binder Rosemont Holding Look, We’re Missionaries! São Paulo Mission Team (2 copies) Certification of Achievement and Pictures in Blue Folder Christian Writers Conference Christian Writers Conference May 2012 Blue Ridge Mountains Blue Binder with emails about technology and marketing Executive Committee Meeting Continent of Great Cities Summer 2010 Executive Committee Meeting Executive Committee Meeting January 2009 Continent of Great Cities Urban Strategy Course 2001 Box 5 Power Words January 3, 2014 - December 30, 2015 Advent December 2012 - December 2013 Cross Church April 2, 2013 - December 4, 2013 Both and Worship January 2, 2018 - April 5, 2018 July 8, 2016 - December 20, 2017 January 4 - July 6, 2016 January 12, 2015 - December 18, 2015 The Lord is with Us! Continent of Great Cities’ Seven-Fold Vision A Handbook for Main Avenue Church Establishment White Binder with bright colored tabs inside about building Urban Churches Trustee 2004 Video Agenda Continent of Great Cities March 2004 2006 Marketing Plan Continent of Great Cities Presents “Christmas at the Schermerhorn” Box 6 North America Hispanic Church Planting September 2008 Black Binder Continent of Great Cities Sorrells in Brazil Training Center Recruiting & Training Center Make Your Vision Go Viral Lessons on Missions from Twenty Years in São Paulo Steps into the Mission Field São Paulo: Preaching Training School 73-‘74 Brazil Cries for Christ Transition Committee Doctor of Ministry Papers ACU 1988-1994 Director’s Action Book Inside Brazil Box 7 Salvador Rio De Janeiro Sao Paulo Camp AMO Sao Paulo Metro church Sao Paulo Instituto Sao Paulo Minutes Sao Paulo Sao Paulo News Sao Paulo Church Plants Sao Paulo Steering Sao Paulo Retreats Sao Paulo Team Glenn Owen Reports/Gary Brazil Sauder Furniture School of Bible School Play South American Missionaries Supporting Churches Strategy Strawther Task Force Taskforce Notes Team Missions Terry Johnson Teston Training Schools South America Training Center Box 8 Siempre Familia Sorocaba South America Trustees Urban Evangelism Uruguay Montevideo Uruguay Vandelia Venezuela VITORIA Vitoria Worship Writing Ideas Alaor Amazon Church Aracaju Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires Argentina Buenos Aires Audio Bible Baptist Missions Baxter Belo Horizonte West End One West End Two West End Three Box 9 Belo Bate-Papo Belo Bate-Papo Bolivia Brazil BOOK Thank You Boston Discussion Brasilia Brazil Church Growth Brazil Course Ellis Long Brazil Christ For Northern Brazil Letters Brazil Publications Brazil Teams Interviews Brumfields BUDGET Capital Campaign Now Until Eternity Campo Grande Campinas Carl Henderson Papers Central Amarillo - 1 Central Amarillo - 2 Central Amarillo - 3 Central Amarillo - 4 Chile Santiago Chile Box 10 Church Buildings South America Church Growth South America Church History Clyde Austin Colombia Communion Thoughts Cone Family Conflict Resolution Correspondence Course Crisis Policy Curitiba Curitiba Freitas Curitiba Building Funding Curitiba Nalley Curitiba Heiderich/Nealeigh Curitiba Team Strategy Empty one Unlabeled one Black Binder Black Folder Fall 2010 LAR Introduction Chapter 1 Sao Paulo Team Chapter 2 Central Chapter 3 Beginnings 76-80 Chapter 4 First Fruits 81-85 Chapter 5 1986-1990 Chapter 6 1991-1995 Chapter 7 19996-2000 Chapter 8 2001-2005 Chapter 9 Strategic Move Chapter 10 2006-2010 Box 11 Chapter 11 Summary Lessons Chapter 12 Future Golf Course Road LETTERHEAD Lubbock Christian Great Cities Missions Guin LAR Lar Cabreuva Leadership Maceio Manaus Mission Discussion 1997 Missionary Selection Missionary Women Jim Ravanelli Joao Pessoa John’s Gospel Nashville Event Natal Paraguay Peru Planned Giving Charitable Gift Annuity Portugal Porto Alegre Prayer Breakfast Prayer Guide Publishing Companies Recife Recruiting Chapels/Schools Recruiting Meetings Ellis and Gary Reentry Reports/Gary Recruiting Restoration Doctrines Reverse Culture Shock Box 12 Gary’s College Papers Let’s Talk -- Glenn Owen Let’s Talk About the Gospels Box 13 Assortment of Media such as DVDs and CDs Three portfolios



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13 boxes and 3 portfolios.

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Center for Restoration Studies Manuscript #473

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Center for Restoration Studies

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