A. M. Carheart

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Letter from A. M. Carheart to B. R. Colson. The two-page handwritten note is dated 22 September 1912. A transcription of this letter is included in the item PDF.


The letter reads:

Trenton Fla

Sept 22 1912 Mr. B. R. Colson Gainesville Fla Dear Sir an Bro. In Christ, Your kind and much appreciated letter of the 12th received. I am truly glad that there is at least some hope of having in the near future a much needed Bible school where those of us who want to obtain an education can do so under Christian in- fluence with out having to go out of the State. Now Bro. Colson I assure you I am much interested in the establishment of this school, but as you no doubt know I am financialy not able to ade much, and as I am working at public work it is next to impossible for me to get off to come to Gainesville which I would be pleased to do, altho it may be that I can some. Now if there is any thing that you think I might be able to do to help the case I will appreciate you calling on me. Hoping and praying for the establishment and success of the school I beg to remain Your Bro. In Christ A. M. Cathcart



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