Campus Location

Abilene Campus (Residential)

Date of Award


Document Type

OTD Capstone


Occupational Therapy



Faculty Advisor

Michelle Saksa

Site Mentor

Megan Price

Secondary Site Mentor (if needed)

Amy Causey

Capstone Coordinator

Leslye Molamphy


Program Development




This capstone experience aimed to identify current therapy programs and recognize the best practices implemented to create a well-rounded OT/PT program for a therapeutic equestrian center while gaining expertise in utilizing hippotherapy as a treatment intervention within the scope of occupational therapy. This was accomplished by partnering with therapy professionals who utilized hippotherapy as a treatment intervention to create and implement an interdisciplinary program. Hippotherapy can be integrated into occupational therapy practice as an intervention to address an individual's occupational needs. This 14-week capstone experience occurred in Dallas, TX, at Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship and included advanced clinical practice skills and program development components. Clinical practice skills were developed through implementing hippotherapy intervention in occupational therapy practice. The program development portion of the project consisted of creating an interdisciplinary program that expands relationships among therapists. The knowledge gained from this experience provided insight into OT's role in designing and implementing therapy programs that incorporate hippotherapy as a treatment intervention at therapeutic equestrian centers.

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