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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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OTD Capstone


Occupational Therapy



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Donna Walls

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Erin Smith

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Leslye Molamphy


Program Development


Return to Sport


This study aims to design a return to sport program for basketball players with phalangeal fractures to address the occupational therapy role in the sports setting and the psychosocial component of the treatment process for the athlete.

In order to create a comprehensive return to sport program for athletes with phalangeal fractures, extensive background research and observation were conducted. Consultations with occupational therapists, physicians, and athletic trainers all provided expert input. Direct observation of occupational therapists gave insight into their role in returning to sport after this injury. Observation of athletic trainers also helped me to understand their function in the return to sport process. Evidence-based literature has been thoroughly researched on relevant topics including phalangeal fractures, their treatment, the return to sport timeline, the role of occupational therapy, and the psychosocial impacts of returning after injury. The knowledge gained from the research and expert consultations helped to inform the development of the return to sport program to fully support these athletes. The end goal is a customized, step-by-step program for safely and successfully returning to sport after a phalangeal fracture, aided by cross-disciplinary expertise.

The product is a comprehensive return to sport program designed specifically for basketball players recovering from phalangeal fractures. It provides occupational therapists with evidence-based guidance on assessing players' readiness for return to sport and developing customized rehabilitation plans across four phases. Each phase includes physical, psychological, and environmental interventions tailored to the player's recovery progress. For convenience, a supplementary basketball-specific exercise cheat sheet outlines recommended drills and activities for each phase. By addressing physical capabilities, mental readiness, and environmental factors, the program aims to facilitate a safe, effective, and holistic return to basketball after injury. It equips therapists with the background knowledge and practical tools needed to reduce re-injury risks and support players in successfully resuming their sports participation.

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