Richard F. Baggett graduated from Harding College in 1949. Richard and his wife, Mary, served as missionaries in Japan from 1950-1955, and 1956-1958. The focus of their work was training native preachers, establishing churches, teaching Bible at Ibaraki Christian College, and holding gospel meetings. The Baggetts were financially supported by the Coleman Avenue Church of Christ (Memphis, Tennessee), and the Union Avenue Church of Christ (Memphis, Tennessee). This collection includes two reports from Richard F. Baggett, an American who was serving as a Churches of Christ missionary in Japan. Baggett mentions preaching in Japanese for the first time without the assistance of an interpreter, describes gospel meetings, discusses the presence of communists, and addresses accusations that those operating Ibaraki Christian College were premillennialists.


Submissions from 2019


Finding Aid for Richard F. Baggett Papers, (1952), Richard F. Baggett

Submissions from 1952


Report - April 1-June 8, 1952, Richard F. Baggett


Report - June 9-July 25, 1952, Richard F. Baggett