The purpose of the Stone-Campbell Teaching Archive is to bring together a community of scholars, librarians, and researchers who share an interest in developing pedagogies around Stone-Campbell archives. Our mission is to foster our collective skills and expertise, and develop partnerships around teaching and learning from disparate yet related special collections. The deliverables will include a digital repository of shared images and strategies to enhance teaching from archives.

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Stone-Campbell Teaching Series

Introduction: A New History of the Stone-Campbell Movement

1. Emergence of the Stone-Campbell Movement

2. Developments in the United States to 1866

3. Growth of African American Institutions to 1920

4. The Expanding Role of Women in the United States, 1874-1920

5. Divisions in North America: The Emergence of the Churches of Christ and the Disciples of Christ

6. Origins and Developments in the United Kingdom and British Dominions to the 1920s

7. The Expansion of World Missions, 1874-1929

8. Churches of Christ: Consolidation and Complexity

9. Disciples of Christ: Cooperation and Divison

10. The Emergence of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ

11. Responses to the United States Social Change, 1960s-2011

12. Significant Theological & Institutional Shifts in the United States

13. Developments in the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth

14. The Stone-Campbell Movement in Asia Since the 1920s

15. The Stone-Campbell Movement in Latin America and the Caribbean Since the 1920s

16. The Stone-Campbell Movement in Africa Since the 1920s

17. The Stone-Campbell Movement in Europe Since the 1920s

18. The Quest for Unity

Conclusion: Toward a Stone-Campbell Identity