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Restoration movement (Christianity)--History|y19th century.

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Campbell, Alexander

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1. Emergence of the Stone-Campbell Movement


Carisse Mickey Berryhill

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View at low tide looking southwest toward the Rhinns of Islay from the shore of Loch Indaal near Gartbreck Point.


Use photographs of locations on the Campbell family’s route from Ireland to Glasgow to develop geographical awareness in students of the Campbell family’s history and empathy for the difficulty of their journey.


The Campbell family were shipwrecked the night of October 7, 1808, on the rocky coast of Loch Indaal near Gartbreck Point. On the morning of October 8, Jane Corneigle Campbell and her six younger children were rescued and took refuge on a large rock in this area in a fierce gale. They waited there until Alexander left the doomed ship with the last boatload of passengers. The family was reunited about 2pm. This photograph looks southwest across Loch Indaal at low tide toward the Rhinns on the west side of the Loch.


Alexander Campbell, shipwreck, Isle of Islay, Gartbreck, Loch Indaal


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