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Restoration movement (Christianity)--History|y19th century.

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Campbell, Alexander

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1. Emergence of the Stone-Campbell Movement

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View of the northeast end of West Loch Tarbert.


Use photographs of locations on the Campbell family’s route from Ireland to Glasgow to develop geographical awareness in students of the Campbell family’s history and empathy for the difficulty of their journey.


West Loch Tarbert is a narrow sound in western Scotland, which runs northeast between Knapdale on the north and the peninsula of Kintyre on the south. A two-mile isthmus separates the West Loch from the East Loch port of Tarbert. At the top of the loch they unloaded and took wagons overland the two miles to the port of Tarbert on East Loch Tarbert. Alexander fell in the water during unloading but opted to take a later wagon to Tarbert. He remembered that cold and lonely wait as one of the dreariest moments of his life (Richardson, v. 1, p. 126). The following day, Sunday, October 30, was spent in family worship and reading.


Alexander Campbell, West Loch Tarbert


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