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Restoration movement (Christianity), Restoration movement (Christianity)--History|y19th century.

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1. Emergence of the Stone-Campbell Movement


Dr. Carisse Berryhill, Milliken Special Collections, Abilene Christian University

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Alexander Campbell, autograph letter, 31.2 cm x 19.8 cm, folded, addressed on reverse to John Abbot, Macon, Georgia; postmarked "Free A Campbell P.M" from Bethany, Virginia, Feb. 28, 1828. Campbell replies to a letter from Abbot, who is selling prepublication subscriptions to the second edition of Campbell's 1826 edition of the New Testament. Campbell describes the schedule for the new edition, and expresses wonder that God's love should be written on paper.


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BerryhillColloquyfiles004.jpg (7123 kB)
Reverse of Campbell letter to Abbot, showing address and postmark

AC to JAbbot 1828.doc (24 kB)
Transcription of Campbell letter to Abbot; by Carisse Mickey Berryhill


Alexander Campbell, Campbell, Restoration Movement, John Abot, Campbell's 1826 Edition of the New Testament