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"CHRIST AND CULTURE: The Problem of Secularism"

Being the Abilene Christian University Annual Bible Lectures 1989

Published by ACU PRESS

1634 Campus Court Abilene, Texas 79601


Table of Contents

Theme Speeches

Be Not Conformed to this World, by William J. Teague - 12

Challenging the Spirit of Individualism, by Ken R. Durham - 32

Rejecting The World’s Way of Thinking, by Rubel Shelly - 50

The Christ Who Transcends Culture, by Harold Hazelip - 66

Pressure for Success, by Paul B. Faulkner - 76

And They Did Not Receive Him, by Jack Evans - 92

The World’s Recipe for Happiness Versus Christ’s Recipe for Happiness, by Wayne Kilpatrick - 108

I Saw the Towers of Darkness Fall - I Saw The Morning Break, by Landon B. Saunders - 124

Featured Class

Success: The Fatal Attraction, by Michael Cope - 142

The Forgotten Loyalty, by Randy Mayeux - 162

Biblical Forum

Women Should Keep Silence in the Churches, by Allen Black - 176

Wives, Be Subject to Your Husbands, by Neil R. Lightfoot - 188

Paul’s Motive for Forbidding Women to Teach, by Tommy South - 202

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