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Abstract provided by interviewer Camii Alexander Jolley.

Robyne Jolley attended Abilene Christian University during 1984-1988. She received a B.A in Speech. Abilene Christian is well known for giving an education from a Christian aspect. It’s also well known for having one of the most beautiful campuses in West Texas. Jolley describes her time at ACU as a great experience. She doesn’t recall having any major negative experiences during her time here. Most of the interview was set comparing her time there to my time at the same university. While things have drastically changed, such as curfew hours, open house, and dress code. ACU has kept the same Christian values since the school first opened in 1906. (Though at the time it was ACC - Abilene Christian College). Jolley continues on to explain the different roles that women and men had in places such as chapel. Chapel was a major topic that we discussed since it has drastically changed from her time to mine. Overall, I discovered most of what ACU was like in general and a bit of what it would have been like to be under the LGBT/queer community while attending the university.

This interview was a primary source of what ACU was like in the late 80’s for a woman of color. Her experience was mostly positive and she felt comfortable at home. It was a great interview since I have heard many negative things from my generation when it comes to people of color.


The ACC/ACU Gender and Sexuality Project preserves firsthand accounts of alumni of Abilene Christian College (later Abilene Christian University), with particular attention to how students, faculty, and staff have experienced issues of gender and sexuality during their time at the institution. The collection began in Fall 2019 as a class project in HIST 340, Historical Perspectives on Gender and Sexualities.