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J. S. Winston (1918-2001)

John Steve Winston was the minister of University Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and the founder of the Sound Doctrine Foundation. He was born in Arkansas and adopted by G. P Bowser. When Bowser wanted to found the Bowser Christian Institute which became the Southern Bible Institute and later Southwestern Christian College, he turned for help to Winston and R.N. Hogan, Levi Kennedy and G. E. Steward, together known as the “Big Four.” In 1982, Winston founded the J.S. Winston Foundation to help young preachers and their families and to support Southwestern Christian College.

In the interview, Winston talks about growing up in the early Churches of Christ and his family’s early involvement with the church in Arkansas and later in Oklahoma. His grandfather, raised a slave, became one of the pioneer preachers in Arkansas starting a church in Plummerville and later Northway, Arkansas, and Winston followed in his footsteps under the guidance of G. P. Bowser. The file consists of a summary transcript of the interview.

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