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G.E. Steward (1906-1979)

G. E. Steward was born near Shreveport, Louisiana and was raised near Longview, Texas. He lost his eyesight when he was twelve and attended the State School for the Blind in Austin. Much of the interview focuses on his relationship with G. P. Bowser, who baptized him in 1931. Steward preached in Abilene, Texas, for three years in the thirties and moved to Memphis in 1936. He served as preacher at the Vance Avenue Church of Christ in Memphis, the Third Ward Church in Houston, and in Oklahoma City before moving to Detroit to the West Side Church. Stewart was a staff writer for the Christian Echo and is the author of Our Pulpit and What the Bible Teaches about Illicit Sex and Homosexuality.

In the interview he talks about his family history and about Bowser. The file consists of information about Steward and includes a term paper and his obituary.

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